Ship Building

Ship Building is an important and strategic industry in a number of countries around the world. This importance stems from the fact nations need to manufacture and repair its own Navy and vessels that support its primary industries. 
Globally Ship Building is a USD 35 billion industry. 


High labor costs in the yards of Europe and USA, one of the major determinants in this cost competitive industry, has led to a gradual shift of the center of shipbuilding to these Asian nations over the last two decades.

 The Ship Building industry had always been dogged by low productivity, 

  • Poor productivity and 
  • Lack of modernisation. 


Unlike other fabrication industry Ship Building also process video range of steel such as I Beam, Chanel, Tubes, Pipes besides large plates. RoboPlazma™ is a single system capable of  processing all on one machine at 3 to 4 times faster than conventional cutting process.

Major advantages of RoboPlazma™ for Ship building industry are:

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