Torch & Consumables

“MADONNA” Hand Torch: Rigid, robust, small, lightweight and Patented “Madonna” hand torch design built with non-metallic cover and 24 volts control for easy cutting operation.

Key benefits of Plazma Madonna Hand Torch are as follows.

“PIETA” Machine Torch: Compact, rigid, robust, heavy duty mechanized torch design comes with non-metallic, patented worldwide. Mechanized torch is mainly use for Trolley, CNC, Robotic and SPM 2D and 3D cutting operation.

Key benefits of Plazma “PIETA” Mechanized Torch are as follows

Plazma Consumables: Plazma torch only two main consumables i.e. Electrode and Nozzle which made of alloy metal. Because of just two consumables your inventory and costs is drastically reduced. This also make Plazma cutting operation simple and easy for various thickness. Only nozzle needs to be changed for different thickness.
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