Leadership Team

Plazma leadership is proactive – problem solving, looking ahead, mapping and managing projects as per industry future needs and not being satisfied with things as they are, with a horozontal leadership organogram. This empowers each head of the department to take decision with responsibility for their deliverables. These HOD decide their budgets and expenses as profit centers. They innovate their processes and lead their team towards excellence by getting customer satisfaction. They contribute as a team for their revenue generation, by way of saving, efficiency, service or direct sales.

We celebrate our leaders, ensure they stay connected with each other to enable them to take assist in smooth operations with effective informed decision making.

Team Plazma is guided by Arundhati (Managing Director) & Hughen (Chairman). Under their leadership Plazma has grown from small garage to 5000 sq. Meter factory along with over 1000 satisfied customers in India and abroad.

The belief is that “Change is the only constant”; For every next step, we analyze past experiences and industrial shifts to make the company and the products adaptable to any situations.

The focus of team Plazma is to achieve Plazma’s Vision of Robotizing Global Fabrication Industry. Journey that started with simple hand plasma cutting machines is now reached to Robotic Plasma cutting with precision like never before. It is the team spirit of Plazma!

Board of Directors


Managing Director

Arundhati, born & brought up in Pune with an MBA in Marketing and Finance from University of Pune 1986 started her career in M/s. Josel Corporation, Pune with Marketing and business development in 1983, worked as a freelancer with Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce. In what proved to be a deep and profound exposure to engineering and technology, she worked as technical translator for companies like Krupp, Century Enka, SKF Bearings and Trumps PMT Machines, soaked in the intricacies and insights on German shop floors.

Later she joined Piramal Group of Industries, Mumbai as Executive market development for their varied range of products such as Miranda tools and PMP Auto parts.


As co-founder and Managing Director of Plazma Technologies Pvt. Ltd., blessed with a Venture Capital from IDBI in 1991.

She is building intellectual property value in the form of numerous homegrown technologies. Plazma filed in for patents, copyrights and trademarks every two years in the last two decades.

In year 2010, she brought to book 3 companies responsible for infringing her company’s intellectual and copy rights; India’s first registered engineering copy right criminal and civil case with the help of Indian legal penal code provisions.

Since last two years she has been giving lectures to create awareness in the minds of Indian entrepreneurs, that ‘idea is the true capital’ that needs to be recognised and registered!

In February 2012 she tied up with Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloane for a collaborative project called ‘RoboPlazma™: A Journey from Boutique to Global’ and instituted their independent study for determining the US market for RoboPlazma™. Since the beginning, she is managing critical functions of Finance, Administration, Materials, HR, Legal etc. with a task force of over 55 skilled engineers to raise the bar in every aspect of business and industry. Plazma is a self-sustaining, profit making & debt-free company.

She also grooms students of schools and colleges to engage their interest in the fascinating field of Robotics. She is in the process of setting up a State of Art ‘RoboPlazma™ Technology Training school’ as a bridge between academia and industry devoted to better application of software, hardware, mechanical, electrical and PLC etc. interdisciplinary stream engineering and robotics. She does a lecture series called managing innovation to inspire the young Indian minds.

She is the recipient of the MAXELL Excellence Award’ 2012 for Emerging Excellence at the hands of Chief minister of Maharashtra Mr. Prithviraj Chavan.

Her passion is to build a bridge between industry and education. Connecting rural India to technology is her passion. Applied engineering is the way forward to improve the skill set of young engineers, diploma holders or even electricians. She is busy every week interacting and training the young minds of India with her lecture series of ‘Idea is capital’ and ‘Managing innovation’. She is exploring with leading training institutes to develop a curriculum to make students aware about the intellectual property rights, leadership skill and managing innovation.

In todays competitive world, India needs to create a skilled work force with an edge of cutting edge of technology. She believes RoboPlazma™ is the platform to expose young minds to technology.



Hughen is synonymous for technical leadership and product differentiation, continuing to play a dominant role in the Indian Plasma Metal cutting industry. Hughen is responsible for technical development and research in Plazma. He has spearheaded the Plazma technical revolution last 3 decades. In the field of Plasma technology for more than 30 years he has added lots of talents and solutions as cofounder and Chairman of PLAZMA Technologies Pvt. Ltd.,

National Research Development Corporation (A Government Of India Enterprises) conferred National Award for invention in Air Plasma Cutting, an honour received at the hands of The President of India on the 26th January 1994. Received his first Indian Patent for Plasma Arc Torch was received in 1990

Received US Patent for his Plasma Arc Torch in year 2000. The application was filed on June 14, 2000 and was granted on 20th February 2001. The fundamental nature of this patent is supported by the fact that it took just 5 months for the patent office to verify the claim and award this Patent, a milestone by itself. This Patent is referred with more than 1000 U.S.A. patents from all fields of Plasma processing.

Received South African Patent for his Plasma Arc Torch in 2001. Subsequently received patents for Canada, Europe and United Kingdom. Winner of best designer of the year award instituted by CMTI-PMT Machine Tools trust at IMTEX’2000 and again in 2003.

Recently in 2018 Japanese Patent for Robotic Arm extension is awarded.

During his 2 decades in Plazma and now he remains involved in critical activities of technology development, application, research, standardisation and marketing. Plazma credits all the RoboPlazma™ orders to his technical and marketing skills.

Mr. Hughen is holding more than 19 Patents worldwide for various innovations and developments. Hughen with his team is in the process of standardizing the RoboPlazma™ solutions to change the dynamics of world fabrication industry.