Architecture and construction

The construction industry is rapidly growing on account of industrialisation, urbanisation and rising living standards. In developing countries, construction is the second largest economic activity after agriculture. Many Steel industries are working to capitalise on this growth, and in this effort, our products and services are streamlined and customised to fit every need of infrastructure projects.


To extend support to the flourishing construction sector, RoboPlazma™ tech Center offers the best quality steel structures cut components made with world class RoboPlazma™ technology. The RoboPlazma™ Processed components offers faster execution of your projects, which drastically reduces time and does away with inconsistencies.


Our wide range of processing capability helps in cut components for buildings, sheds, rail, road, bridges, ports, power plants, telecom, airlines, PEB and freight corridors. We aim to provide products and solutions that improve cost-effectiveness, guarantee the optimum leveraging of resources and increase functionality and dependability.

Key benefits for Architecture and Construction are:

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Architecture and Construction