Innovations and Developments

Plazma is registered with DSIR for research and development in India under “Make in India” Mr. Hughen, Chairman is holding around 19 Patents worldwide for various innovations and developments. His Contributions to the Plasma field last two decades are as follows

1992 : First Plasma Welding & Cutting combined machine in India.

1993 : First Air Plasma machine & torch to cut 100mm thick Stainless steel plates.

1994 : Development of 150 thick Plazma cutting machine.

1995 : Water-cooled torch for foundry application.

1996 : Indian Patent for Plasma Torch.

1997 : First Air-plasma Torch for Mild Steel cutting does cost lower than gas cutting.

2000 : First CNC Plasma cutting system and Plasma marking system.

2001 : Under water Plasma torch for radioactive waste disposal.

2002 : Developed completely integrated 7 Axis Plasma Robotic cutting System.

2003 : First moving base RoboPlazma™ for both right, left side on a linear track.

2003 : First multi-functional 7 Axis RoboPlazma™ cutting system.

2004 : 2D & 3D RoboSwift™ software for cutting with material handling conveyers.

2005 : First RoboPlazma™ for 140mm thick Nozzle opening of E-91 cone for Petroleum refinery.

2006 : Development of Coherent Plazma for 3D Sheet metal cutting.

2006 : High speed Plazma for Pipe rolling mills with water mist for pipe cutting Industry.

2007 : Robobplazma™ with Kuka Robot for Single & double beveling with root on plate.

2008 : Stitch Cutting for axle blank cutting to avoid distortion & bending of job.

2009 : First RoboPlazma™ for Plate and Beam cutting for Structural steel & Plate Cutting.

2010 : First RoboPlazma™ for cutting Hot Plate (11000C) for Steel Rolling Plant

2012 : 3 Click RoboSwift™ Software for programming.

2014 : RoboSwift™ Software for 3D Complex Geometry and Pipe profiling.

2016 : RoboPlazma™ Universal Cutting & Welding System with double work zone

2018 : Zbot™ System for Precision cutting.

2019: Zbot™ Precision and High Speed Pick and Place

2020: RoboPlazma™ solution for Ship building industry