• RoboSwift

    3 Click Programming

    Powered with Pipe & Tube Processing.

    Embedded with RoboPlazma.

  • Pipe Profiling

    The world is not about competing, it’s about collaborating.

  • Plate Cutting

    Plate Cutting

    Each model is an expanding version of your growing business.

  • Plazma Marking

    Enables our customers to take on higher degrees of challenges.

  • I Beam Cutting

    Plazma’s innovation core principle: “Today’s limitation is Tomorrow’s opportunity”.

  • Complex Geometry Like Mouse Hole

    Today’s limitation is Tomorrow’s opportunity.

  • Multiple Beam Splitting

    An integration of multiple systems continuously expanding competitive advantage for you.

  • Four side Tube processing

    Not bound by rigid specs & parameters.

  • Underside processing

    Continuously generates new business opportunities.

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