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Leadership Team

In Plazma leadership is proactive – problem solving, looking ahead, mapping and managing projects as per industry future needs and not being satisfied with things as they are. 

Plazma has flat leadership organogram, which empowers each department head to take decision, be responsible for their deliverables. Managers decide their budgets and expense to turn their department into profit center. Managers innovates their process and lead their team towards excellence by getting customer satisfaction. They contribute as a team for their revenue generation, by way of saving, efficiency, service or direct sales.
All managers are leaders of their teams, connected with each other by an in-house developed EPM software which enable them to take all judgments to run company smoothly with effective informed decision making on a simple formula of problem, reason and solution.
Team Plazma is guided by Arundhati (Managing Director) & Hughen (Chairman). Under their leadership Plazma has grown from small garage to 5000 sq. Meter factory along with over 1000 satisfied customers in India and abroad. 
The belief is that “Change is the only constant”; For every next step, we analyze past experiences and industrial shifts to make the company and the products adaptable to any situations. 
The focus of team Plazma is to achieve Plazma’s Vision of Robotizing Global Fabrication Industry. Journey that started with simple hand plasma cutting machines is now reached to Robotic Plasma cutting with precision like never before.  All due to the team spirit of Plazma.