RoboplazmaTM Fixed Base Robot System

This is a cost effective modular configuration of RoboPlazma™ system for a small job envelope with a Fanuc Robot mounted on fixed cantilever arm, interfaced with Plazma power source.

Our Product - Roboplazmatm Fixed Base Robot System

This system is widely used in Automobile industry for 3D component trimming and cutting of 2D and 3D jobs. No trimming dies are required for prototyping development. The system reads direct CAD input and cuts the formed sheet metal components, effectively eliminating long lead time to manufacture trimming dies and enabling finished products to be launched faster.
With a RoboPlazma™ work cell being used for production, any change of model or alteration, is just a question of programming; avoiding expensive retooling.
From fixed robot, the system can be scaled up to moving cantilever RoboPlazma™ configuration. As your business grows, the systems grow with you.

Key Features of 3D System are;

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