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India’s first air plasma cutting, TIG & MMA welding machine in India. Multiple VA characteristics of 3 different arcs combined in one power source.

First compact, portable air plasma Machine & pencil size air cooled torch to cut thin sheets.First plasma power source with water cooled torch to cut 100mm thick stainless steel plates.Indian patent granted for 2nd Generation Plasma Torch Head.

Winner of President’s Award for Plasma machine innovation instituted by National Research Development Corporation of India.First air plasma machine for cutting 150mm thick stainless steel.

Developed 140mm thick riser cutting for foundry application .First plasma machine for 75mm thick aluminum metal cutting.

Developed & supplied mechanized/manual plasma machines for Reliance Industries to cut 12 million tons of mild steel in record 6 months Pipe cutting – Plazma power source retrofitted on pipe profiling machines CNC Plate Cutting – Plazma torch and power source for CNC machines. High speed rugged zero maintenance hand cutting systems

A special purpose machine (SPM) with twin plasma torches for truck axle blank and chassis cutting introduced.Developed India’s first machine for cutting 75mm thick aluminum.

Every stainless steel manufacturing plant in India including Jindal Strips Ltd, Salem Steel, Shah Alloys, and others install Plazma SPM:Sizing of every plate emanating from the steel plant. Long handled steel torch to cut hot stainless steel slab jammed inside steel rollers / cobbles. Plasma cutting solution for 75mm thick Wear plate cutting. SPM for online sizing of welded pipe for continuous pipe saw industry such as MAN Industries, PSL

India’s first economical mild steel plate cutting solution.Plazma torch and power source redesigned to produce higher quality precision beam with long life consumables making cutting economics viable for mild steel displacing age old oxy-fuel cutting.India’s first high continuous duty cycle Plazma power source: Standard spec for 100% duty cycle is ten minutes continuous operation Plazma redesigned power source eclipse all standard specs to cut 80mm thick stainless steel plate 1 hour at a stretch. Supplied power source fitted on a CNC for cutting the opening vent of a hydroelectric power turbine for BHEL: the largest Public sector company in India.

Awarded US Patent for Plasma Torch Head First CNC plasma cutting system with 4 axis controller achieves large market penetration in multiple sectors.Plasma cutting and marking system with same nozzles. 90mm thick continuous cutting of nuclear reactor vessel with special design Plazma torch at L & T -India’s industrial Giant.

Plazma torch developed and tested for cutting 20 feet underwater radioactive waste disposal.Detailed process engineering developed for in-house CNC machining of precision consumables.

Developed 6 axis base mounted RoboPlazma™ system for 2D & 3D sheet metal cuttingFirst RoboPlazma™ with Fanuc Robot InterfacingBetter beam dynamics with super fine-focus, high definition coherent PlazmaDeveloped India’s first multi functional moving base RoboPlazma™ system for chassis, axle blank capable of dual side cutting

Developed, commissioned first integrated 7 axis RoboPlazma™ cutting system for PEB application.Developed world’s first multi-functional 7 axis plasma robotic cutting system

RoboPlazma™ or Dish End cutting.Developed the first version of RoboSwift™ software starting from simple 5 axis 2D cutting RoboSwift™

Developed the world’s first fully integrated RoboPlazma™ for 2D and 3D cutting with material handling conveyers, fume extraction system controlled through robotic programReactor catalytic convertor 140mm thick cutting with laser mounted camera inverted mounted for 140mm thick nozzle opening of E-91 cone for Reliance Industries Ltd: 2nd largest refinery in the world

High speed coherent plasma for pipe rolling mills with water mist for pipe cutting.RoboPlazma™ integrated with Kuka, robot for single and double plate beveling with root.Special purpose water Mist Plasma for a spiral welded pipe mill; an online system to cut rotating pipe while it’s being welded at the other end of the mill which prevented any liquid metal from depositing on the inner pipe surface.

Stitch Cutting of an axle blank to avoid distortion & bending of job.First RoboPlazma™ plate 2d and 3d beam for structural steel and plate cutting, completely integrated cutting solution with material handling cross feed conveyers, fume extraction system controlled through one point robotic program

RoboPlazma™ shipped to USA with 18 meter long gantry for 2D & 3D augur blade application besides plate and pipes with custom made RoboSwift™ software.Developed RoboPlazma™ with Kuka robot for 2D cutting with single/double beveling with digitization through plasma arc – Plazma wins Kuka recognition award for sensational application of the year.

Second RoboPlazma™ I beam, tube, channel cutting with fully integrated material handling & laser measuring device installed in USA.High power Plasma Torch for 100mm hot rolled plate cutting developed for Siemens Austria. This robotic system uses two Kuka robots with special insulation and customized software

Intelligent RoboSwift™ software compensates for inaccurate input data, job variations making RoboPlazma™ virtually hands free for cutting of structural.Various Roboswift™ patents filed such as: Circular tangential Lead-in and Lead-out Integrated Robot Language 2D diagrammatic Visualizer of tool movement on work piece, air motion and tool inputs for I-Beams, Rectangular Tubes, Channels and Angles Dynamic splitting of bottom surface of a work piece based on robot reach.