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RoboSwift™ Plate Software

RoboSwift™ Plate Cutting Software 
RoboSwift™ is a software solution conceptualized, designed and developed by Plazma Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India to operate with RoboPlazma™. RoboSwift™ software along with RoboPlazma™ delivers a solution for robotic plasma metal cutting with minimal human intervention, controlling by itself the myriad components that work in the machine.
In the past Robots have been difficult to program. Labor-intensive manual teaching or complicated off-line programming with numerous steps was required to create a robot program. As a rule robots are not accurate over their entire working envelope. This means, resulting robot motion in 3D space is error prone. RoboSwift ™ is revolutionary software that works inside the controller to minimize the errors of the robot. An in-depth understanding of the robot and plasma cutting process has resulted in development of RoboSwift™. The operator needs zero robot programming knowledge. Multiple inputs are imported into RoboSwift™. These files are combined with internal plasma cutting process and robot motion geometrics to Output a ready to execute machine program. 
RoboSwift™ is operated on a touch screen through simple and intuitive graphical user interface. It requires no robotic or other programming knowledge to operate the RoboPlazma™. All the software intelligence such as various backend procedures, databases, self learning algorithms, geometrics’, optimizers etc. is reflected in the final cut quality and precision, keeping all the processing of the backend invisible to the operator. 
“RoboSwift™” Programming Software Features
  • Simple AutoCad, .dxf drawing input. 
  • Compatible with latest AutoCad (2008 onwards) version.
  • “RoboSwift™” Software interface. 
  • Auto nesting for better yield.
  • Auto speed control for linear & Circular cutting.
  • Auto /Manual Lead In/Out selection built in.
  • Kerf Compensation in built.
  • Cut direction selection.
  • Job priority selection.
  • Stitch cutting feature.
Nesting Package
MOST 2D - 2020 is simple nesting software, which can be used for generating efficient cutting plans and cnc codes (also called G-codes) for steel fabrication.
The software supports generic post-processor, which can output cnc codes for all the leading gas, plasma, laser and water-jet cutting machines.
MOST 2D - 2020 supports both automatic as well as manual techniques for generating cutting plans. And it also supports hybrid methods to combine both these approaches. That makes the software easy for a new user and flexible for an experienced programmer.