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RoboPlazma™ is an ideal solution for small, medium and large fabricators that are looking for a single machine solution to fabricate Beams, Channels, Angles, Tubes, Pipes and also have Large Plate processing covered with the same machine. RoboPlazma™ is a Shop floor tested Innovative design having 9 patents. A few of the many unique features are:

What makes us Unique?

  • Our Competitors have discounted moving robots as not accurate. We have perfected a Vibration free Moving Cantilever design that delivers precision.
  • Smart Modular Hardware enables system expandability. Roboswift is our simple 3 click software powering a machine that grows with you.
  • Unlike our competitors RoboPlazma™ replaces more than 7 individual machines ensuring capital efficiency while saving space such as Band Saw, Drilling, Coping, Notching, Sq. Tube Cutting, Marking machines & CNC Plate cutting.
  • MicroBot Independent Measuring System give high accuracy.

The capabilities unmatched by the competition are,

  • Underside processing without additional Robot.
  • All side Square tube processing.
  • Large Plate Cutting 2.5 x 30 Mtr. with weld edge preparation.
  • Complex geometries like Mouse Hole being processed which are not achieved by competition.
  • Pipe processing.
  • Practically all shapes cut on all structural steel profiles.