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Pune Tech Center

All of Plazma activities are based on innovative cutting edge technology. The Advanced Robotic Plasma Technology R&D Center supports our business through a wide range of initiatives, from basic plasma cutting technology to new module development in 3D Robotic Cutting, in effect R&D that leads to future new business. The Center helps to give custom solution to customer requirements & industry to solve some of the world’s toughest problems.

RoboPlazma Pune Tech Center (PTC) is fully equipped with Plasma power sources, CNC’s & Robotic systems to demonstrate newly developed features to current and prospective customers.

With a complete suite of 3D simulation Software we are constantly analyzing our product using static and dynamic analytical tools.

From the smallest screw each and every component of our RoboPlazma universe is tracked through its life cycle by Data Management software that maps the entire manufacturing process flow with control plans.

Animated manufacturing assembly video manuals are being made for Roboplazma Systems to further integrate with the mandatory crosschecking and assurance procedures Inspection such as Calibration, Audit, Non conformance etc.

This tech center is also the meeting point between academia and industry. Plazma develops applied engineering and robotic modules and a times engages the engineering students to work along with for the development.

Lot of interested student for graduate, post graduate and PhD programs come to complete their dissertations on the projects that are going on in the tech center. As they get to choose to work in the interdisciplinary engineering sciences in Plazma.

Lot or times existing customers come with new jobs they have received for cutting and want our help to cut them most efficiently as possible, with better, faster cuts.

Most of Plazma product journey has been based on the ideas that we received from Indian shop floor workers and listening to their pain points. So while solving shop floor problems, new discovery is made. So we welcome exchange of ideas with our customers.

The tech center is also a place where Plazma product range training is imparted to the customer operators, users. This training is given on line or at the tech center hands on, where the user is exposed to the complete gamut of the Plazma universe.

This tech center operates to synergies various verticals of the society, therefore a place of pride and joy for Plazma.