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Plate System

RoboPlazma™ Large Plate Processing

The RoboPlazma™ is the first system manufactured worldwide, capable of processing all structural shapes; also scalable, can be upgraded to cut large steel plates i.e. 2.5 x 30 Mtr. (using additional gantries). It is manufactured with highest quality standard components such as FANUC Robots, Plazma Power Supplies, GUDEL Precision Rails and is controlled with a user friendly RoboSwift™ Software interface that accepts DSTV files. All axes are Servo driven for precision and accuracy.

Features of Plate Processing 
  • Large Plate Processing capability ( expandable up to 30 mtr Length) 
  • Auto Nesting and cutting. 
  • Automatic alignment of plate.
  • Stitch Cutting capability. 
  • Single & Double Bevel.
  • Consumable life monitoring system with cutting interlock
  • Touch and Edge sensing thru Plazma torch.
  • Auto Torch Height Control thru AVC tracking.
  • Operator’s friendly “RoboSwift™” Software.
  • Expandability of “RoboSwift™” to plug in with scheduling software.
  • Flexibility for new 3D job cutting.
  • Weld Edge Preparation with a 2mm root across an entire plate length with high accuracy.  
  • 3D Arc voltage sensing compensates for plate variation by voltage tracking even during linear beveling.
  • Beveling operation on different type of jobs can be carried out such as,
  • Linear bevel on Plate 
  • Circular contour beveling, 
  • Single / double bevel 
  • ‘V’ Bevel with root with root. 
  • Flanges and web  bevel of I Beam, 
  • Pipe Beveling 
  • 3D assemblies bevel.