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Registered in 1991, PLAZMA Technologies Pvt. Ltd., formerly known as PLAZMA Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is raised and run by entrepreneurial team of Hughen and Arundhati. Industrial Development Bank of India – the World’s 5th largest financial institution gave Plazma Technologies Pvt. Ltd. its first Venture Capital joint investment in 1994.

The organization is based upon a technology of unlimited growth befitting the needs of the present and the future.  Beyond metal cutting ‘PLAZMA’ finds application in Metal Welding, Medical Sciences, and Material Waste Disposal and so on.

The President of India conferred the ‘National Invention Award’ on Mr. Hughen for his innovative design in 1994. The United States of America granted US Patent for his invention of the Plasma Cutting Torch in year 2000. His is the maiden Indian Patent within Welding/Cutting Industry. The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India Undertaking also certified PLAZMA as the ‘In-House Research & Development unit for Plasma Research’. In year 2000, Mr. Hughen won the CMTI-PMT ‘Best product design’ award for his “RoboPlazma™ system” instituted by the Indian Machine Tool Association. This was once again followed by another “best product design” award in year 2004 for his design of “RoboPlazma™ System”.

The present customer base is spread over 1000 Users comprising of large Public Sector Units, Giant Indian Corporate, Multinationals and small as well as medium sectors all India, Africa, Kuwait, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and South Africa etc. and other countries.

PLAZMA Systems are working on 2 Axis CNC Systems in company such as Bajaj Electrical, Bharat Forge, BHEL, Axel India, Godrej Boyce, D & H Secheron Electrodes, NHEC, Fouress Engineers, Bilad Oman LLC etc just to name a few. PLAZMA tied up in year 2000 with M/s. Fanuc – India for giving accurate, 3 Dimensional RoboPlazma™ cutting solutions and systems as total Integrators for various applications such as sheet metal, pipes, sections, tubes, I beams, thin as well as thick plate beveling, architectural designs in sheet metals as well as 3 dimensional cutting of structural, all types of fabrication requirements, billets, Saw pipes etc. multi-station applications. Such systems are working in all levels of industries such as Simplex Auto Ltd., S. M. Rolling, Cimotech Hydro, S. S. Engineers, Toshiba, Yashashree Industries, Mabani Steel, Bilad Oman, Paramount Metal-USA, Jindal Steel, Larson and Toubro etc. to just to name a few.  These are representative Industries from all kind of applications and Industry segments, be it large automobile ancillary industries, large production houses or small scale units. 

 PLAZMA has setup a state of art “Technology Center” to showcase its various continuous Industrial developments.  This Tech center has over 35 different projects under development to answer the continuous customer needs. Every new application leads to breaking new Industrial barriers to provide cost effective state of art solution.  Itworks two shifts a day in Research and Development of 3D software and hardwaredevelopments.  25 software/hardware engineers work at any given time at this technology center.  Any visitor can witness manual, Trolley, Template profiler, CNC 2D cutting, right up to 3D movable RoboPlazma™ cutting, cutting for every kind and type of applications.
A company is fully self-supporting debt free organization, which believes in sharing its profits with its customers, employees and agents, located in the industrial belt of Pune and housed in 1800 Square Meters of factory premises. The plant is equipped with necessary machineries and testing facilities. Considering the growth potential and export demand for RoboPlazma™ system. The company purchased new 5000 Sq. Meter ready made factory in 2009 to full fill customer requirements with dedicated manufacturing unit. In 2010-11 company booked large and world’s first RoboPlazma™ System order for Hot rolled (plate temperature is 1100 degree Celsius) plate cutting. This system is installed at Jindal Steel, Orissa plant cutting 3500 tons per month.
Besides, above  another large  order for RoboPlazma™ Structural Steel cutting system also executed satisfactorily at L & T Hazira plant to speed the their productivity and reduce operation cost. More than 15000 tons steel beams were processed  by Roboplazma Beam system  due to which  end customer project was completed  by L & T one month before the  schedule.
A team from MIT, Germany visited our company in 2010-11 to evaluate the RoboPlazma™ solutions for Structural steel, Hot rolled & Cold plate cutting.
The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) has a mandate to carry out the activities relating to indigenous technology promotion, development, utilization and transfer. Plazma’s in-house R&D center has approved by DSIR in 2013. Plazma’s various developments are giving economic advantages to our customers on the shop floor.
SRIJAN, the collaborative programme of TIFAC & SIDBI, has provided finance to Plazma to opened up opportunities in new market with innovative product “RoboPlazma”
Plazma has taken first step in global market. Plazma started its operation in Middle East from strategic location Dubai.  Plazma started tech-centre in Dubai to give technical support & service to its customers. Plazma is planning to start tech centre in USA and Europe to provide its service to local customers. 
At the same time, Plazma is socially responsible in addressing the gap between educational institutes and the industry by linking theoretical education with practical applications. This is creating a strong talent pool for Plazma that is driving further innovation and development. Plazma’s founders are actively involved with Business Schools across Maharashtra, schools (for Robotics and STEM),semi-urban and rural Engineering Institutes such as College of Engineering - Pune, Bharati Vidyapeeth University, etc., Educational Partners and the community as a whole to generate this talent pool. With Educational Partners, Plazma is building training courses on practical aspects such as Innovation Engineering, Social Engineering, Leadership training, etc.  
The vision of the company is to provide total PLAZMA Cutting solutions with the best cutting economics and global quality to global users. To market its range of products in India and overseas, PLAZMA is aggressively looking for finance for worldwide grass-root level market penetration.