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Oil & Gas

Offshore Platform Fabricators

Traditionally Fabricating Offshore Platform need various types of machineries or huge labor force. Skilled labor dependency further delays entire cutting and fabrication process. All these things are resulting in reducing plant throughput and increasing operation costs. Delay in entire project execution finally leading to paying huge penalty charges besides minimizing profit margins. 
RoboPlazma™ is a single machine capable of processing different type of jobs in one setup that requires for Offshore Platform. Complex Geometry profile like Mouse hole, rat holes cutting are a key factor in Offshore Platform Fabrication. RoboPlazma™ does it at very high speed reducing cycle time and operation cost.

Advantages to Offshore Platform Fabrication,

a. Advantages to Offshore Platform Fabrication,a. Cutting Complex Geometry profiles like Mouse hole, Rat hole easily and faster.  
b. Reduce Cycle time to 15 minutes/beam compared to manual processing of 3.5 Hrs.
c. Zero Programming Skill with 3 click programming.
d. Material Saving 2 - 2.5% with Beam rotation nesting.
e. Eliminate skilled labor dependency, as skilled Labor is deployed to increase welding throughput.
f. Increase entire plant throughput. 
g. Execute Project in time or before the schedule. 
h. Save penalty charges and overhead costs.
i. Save time spent on fit up
Complex Geometry Profiles like Mouse Hole, Rat Hole cut on RoboPlazma™ System.
One of our prestigious RoboPlazma™ user from India has executed a large Offshore Platform order one month before schedule and by reducing 200 labors to just 9 persons. Refer News letter under Customer Case Study for more details..