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We don’t see ourselves as a separate Pipe Cutting System, Plate Cutting System or a Beam Cutting System. We are an integration of all of these systems into a continuously expanding competitive advantage for our customers. To achieve this we have created modular software, modular robotics and modular automation as tools for our customer to grow his business.

1) Underside processing: Our RoboPlazma™ is essentially a cantilevered moving Robot able to reach all sides and areas of the job. This opens up opportunity for our customer for underside processing Square Tubes, Pipes and Complex Geometries without investing for additional robot, chucks or pipe rotators. As the job is not rotated the accuracy is higher with lesser job handling resulting in faster processing at lower cost.

Our MicroBot controls hole to hole accuracy with in 0.5mm over 12mtr length. With these tight tolerances, the 2mm play between the Bolt and the Hole is enough to take care of all the site variations . This speeds up assembly and minimizes re-work, labor costs on site.

2) Pipe Cutting: RoboPlazma™ is the only system in the world where the pipe rotation is not required for profile cutting. With conventional systems the oviality of a pipe causes it to go off center when rotated. This error is eliminated when it is cut in a stationary position.

As a result the entire operation become simpler with easier loading and unloading. The best part is it’s there is no need of different machine, just one RoboPlazma™.