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Hot Steel Rolling Plant

The World’s First Robotic Unmanned Self-Intelligent Red-Hot Steel Cutting RoboPlazma System.

  • Embedded with a Plazma torch design that performs precise metal cutting at red-hot temperatures 
  • Mounted on a 7 axes robot
  • Governed by proprietary self-calibrating software that governs the operation, diagnostics and troubleshooting eliminating the complexities of controlling a cutting system.
  • Engineered with a systems interface compatible with current steel production systems that facilitates the line integrations process and minimizes production disruption.

RoboPlazma Benefits for Hot Plate Processing

  • Online 80mm thick Hot Plate Steel alloy cutting at 1000°C.
  • Right angle cut directly on conveyor saves re-work &material.
  • Complete Automatic cycle. Zero Manual intervention.
  • Interfaced directly with Plant control room thru’ Profibus.
  • Severely bent plate and spring back handling.
  • Faster dispatch of plates.
  • Minimize direct Operator involvement.