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Heavy Engineering Industry

RoboPlazma™ 3D System is an ideal solution for Large Fabricators or Heavy Engineering Industries that are looking for a single machine solution to fabricate Tanks, Vessels, Dish Ends Boilers besides Beams, Channels, Angles, Tubes, Pipes and also have Large Plate processing covered with the same machine.
RoboPlazma™ helps you to,
  • Eliminate manpower attrition affecting your Fabrication output. 
  • Eliminate material handling problems which create a logistic nightmare with your production and delivery schedules.
  • Eliminate labor intensive and time consuming processes such as Sawing, Drilling, Coping, Grinding, Manual layout and marking 
  • Eliminate your dependence on skilled labor.
  • Saves shop floor space.
RoboPlazma™ offers a 2D and 3D cutting capability that enables a variety of jobs to be processed with one system. This unique flexibility gives users the potential to meet multiple customer needs simultaneously. 
This faster, smarter, and cost effective solution transforms plant throughput.
Smart Modular Hardware enables system expandability. RoboSwift™ is our simple 3 click software powering a machine that grows with you. 
The capabilities unmatched by the competition are.
1. Underside processing without additional Robot.
2. All side Square tube processing.
3. Large Plate Cutting 2.5 x 30 Mtr. with weld edge preparation.
4. Complex Geometries like Mouse Hole being processed which are not achieved by competition. 
5. Pipe processing.
6. Practically all shapes cut on all structural steel profiles.