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Become a part of assorted thinking brought simultaneously by a Plazma technology that drives business outcome through new ideas, collaboration and inclusion. We offer a complete package that will recognize your hard work and support the accomplishment of those business results.

Each and every day our team raises their bar. The distinctive experience you bring to Plazma will give you the opportunity to make the most of your career path at Plazma. As an organization needs the right talent to drive its business objectives, people need the right environment to grow and achieve their career goals. The moment you step into PLAZMA, you would be greeted with that unmistakable feeling of being at the right place. Along with that, working with PLAZMA affords you with a sense of certainty of a successful career that would be driven by boundless growth opportunities and exposure to cutting-edge technologies and learning possibilities

Plazma Technologies is looking for experienced as well as entry level (fresh) talent. We also give opportunity to students to do internship projects in Automation, Design, Electrical, Software and Robotics.

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Application Procedure

After making an initial selection on the basis of CVs, the HR Department will send the feedback from Plazma within one weeks of making your application.

For candidates who are invited for a first interview, the application procedure is usually as follows:

The first interview is more of a fact-finding meeting to establish whether your ambitions and skills match the vacancy in question; it takes place with the direct supervisor of the Plazma.

The second interview elaborates on the first meeting and includes a discussion of the terms of employment and remuneration. It is led by Plazma HR manager.

Depending on the type of position an assessment or a case study may form part of the application procedure. If either applies you will be informed accordingly during the first interview.Upon completion of the entire procedure, when you become an employee of PLAZMA, you will receive a payroll entry form and additional information relating to your employment from the HR department.