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Beam System

RoboPlazma™ Beam System 
RoboPlazma™ Beam System is an ideal solution for small, medium and large fabricators that are looking for a single machine solution to fabricate I Beams, Channels, Angles, Tubes, Pipes and also have Large Plate processing and covered with the same machine.
  • Beam System is scalable to Plate and Beam system as your business grows.
  • Intelligent, cost-effective and flexible system has the potential to meet multiple customer needs.
  • World's first single machine solution designed to eliminate costly complexities and repeated material handling of a traditional fabrication shop.
  • High quality Plazma combine with Precision Robotics and integrated simple, high speed RoboSwift™ programming software provides 2D and 3D cutting capability.
  • This faster, smarter, and cheaper solution has the potential to transform this industrial sector.  
RoboPlazma™ helps you to,
  • Eliminate manpower attrition affecting your Fabrication output. 
  • Eliminate material handling problems which create a logistic nightmare with your production and delivery schedules.
  • Eliminate labor intensive and time consuming processes such as Sawing, Drilling, Coping, Grinding, Manual layout and marking 
  • Eliminate your dependence on skilled labor.
  • Save shop floor space.
Features Of RoboPlazma™ Beam System
  • Processing of I-Beams, Channels, Square and Rectangular Tubes.
  • Produce high quality Bolt Holes, approved by AISC and CISC.
  • Bolt Hole sizes 2xThickness above 12 mm plate, No tool changing required.
  • Produces all Standard and Non-Standard Copes.
  • Produces Miter Cuts, Compound Miters and Double Compound Miters.
  • Pipe Straight cut and Straight bevel.
  • Produces Square Tube Slots for Knife connections.
  • Beam Splitting and Beam Castellation.
  • Produces lay-out on all sides.
  • Processing Standard copes.
  • Plasma Marking with all alpha numerical characters.
  • Pre-Measures the raw material prior to processing.
  • Probing of the raw material for mill tolerances and automatic adjustment.     

Underside processing: 

  • Cantilevered moving Robot reaches
  • Our Customers can process underside Square Tubes, Pipes and Complex Geometries without investing for additional Robot, Chucks or Pipe rotator.
  • As the job is not rotated the accuracy is higher with lesser job handling resulting in faster processing at lower cost. 
  • Complex profiles on tube is the key feature of RoboPlazma™ Beam System.   


Parts Marking & Lay-Out:

  • Marking Lay Out, weld Lines & part Numbers without Tool change.
  • Eliminate use of an additional job marking station
  • Speed up the fabrication process.
  • Fully integrated with offline RoboSwift™ programming with an auto parameter setting. 
Flat Processing:
  • Flats size of 1000 mm width processed on Beam System for various 2D profile and shapes.
Material Handling System Material Handling System :

This is an intelligent fully robotically interfaced material handling system. Cross lift and feed conveyors keeps the shop floor noise free. It allows the operator to load batch of beams on storage tables and stand back, enabling the complete batch of beams to be completely processed from raw material to finish products.

  • Job separation, clamping and alignment done automatically. 
  • Loading and unloading of beam while robot cutting possible due to MicroBot measuring system. 
  • Measures the beam length within 250 micron ensuring hole to hole center cutting distance with in AISC permissible tolerances.
  • Heavy-duty frames, rollers and chains ensure continuous working.  
  • Down draft fume extraction table for plate cutting and aerodynamic design of RoboPlazma™system enclosure takes care of I beam cutting fumes.  

High-speed, Scalability: 

RoboPlazma™ design can be upgraded to cut 20x3 meter plates with nested contours, or to an auger blade 3D cutting system, or to a rectangular tube cutting application.