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Beam Cutting Machine and Services

The RoboPlazma™ moving cantilever designed Beam Cutting System is capable of processing I Beam, Channel, Angle, Tube, RHS on single machine.Beam Cutting system can be upgraded for Pipe and large Plates (up to 12 mtr length) procesingwith additional gantry through separate order. RoboPlazma Beam Cutting System is manufactured with highest quality standard components such as FANUC Japan, Robots, Precision GudelRails, Latest Kemppi/ Fronious Europe made inverter based MIG welding source. Beam Cutting System is integrated with a user friendly “RoboSwift” Software interface that allows to create different programs with minimal operator intervention. Beam Cutting system has all axes Servo driven for precision movement.

Since RoboPlazma™ is capable of doing all on one machine, one set up you also save valuable shop space.

The RoboPlazma Beam Cutting system is not only multipurpose but intelligent and also cost-effective; this unique flexibility of Beam Cutting System gives users the potential to meet multiple customer needs simultaneously.

RoboPlazma Beam Cutting System is a world's first single machine solution designed to eliminate costly complexities and repeated material handling of a traditional fabrication shop. Modular hardware and software design of Beam Cutting System allows you to add on cutting capability at additional cost to enhance utilization of the system.

Beam Cutting System ProcessI-Beams, Channels, Square and Rectangular Tubes with high quality Bolt Holes, approved by AISC and CISC standards. All Standard and Non-Standard Copes and Miter Cuts, Compound Miters and Double Compound Miters shapes can be processed with Beam cutting System.