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RoboPlazma™ is World’s first system capable of processing multiple jobs. Some of the applications widely used as follow.

I Beam & Channels: 
I/H Beam are widely used in structural steel fabrication. RoboPlazma™ system is capable of processing various profile shapes on I Beam that are required for structural steel building, Bridges, Offshore Platforms, Metro stations, Malls, Industrial and commercial sheds.  Coping, notching, slotting, Hole cutting, flange beveling miter cut, Complex miter and many more profiles can be process with RoboPlazma system. 

Channels & angles are used in construction of light and heavy Transformers, high mass Towers, Bridges, Malls etc.. RoboPlazma™ system enables processing of Channel & angles besides I Beam. different profiles can be processed on RoboPlazma™ system.
Angle cutting: 
Besides I Beam and Channels RoboPlazma™ system can process “Angles”  profiles used in almost all fabrication industry. 
RHS & Square Tube: 
RoboPlazma™ is capable of underside processing without additional Robot. Slots, Holes, Miter, Complex miter and all four beveling  became simple and easy with RoboPlazma™ System.  
Plate Profiling: 
2D plate profile cutting with and beveling with auto nesting is possible which is required in every fabrication industry.  processing is easy and simple with Plate System.
Pipe Profiling: 
RoboPlazma™ is the only system in the world where the pipe rotation is not required for profile cutting. With conventional systems the oviality of a pipe causes it to go off center when rotated. This error is eliminated when it is cut in a stationary position. 
As a result the entire operation  become simpler with easier loading and unloading. The best part is it’s there is no need of different machine, just one RoboPlazma™. 
Plazma Marking : Part numbers, Letters, weld lines and layout marking is also possible with RoboPlazma™ system.
Dish End Processing:
Unique cantilever design of RoboPlazma™ provides a large work envelop to cater to meet multiple customer requirements  such as Dish end cutting & Beveling, Nozzle opening, Vessels & Shells cutting.  
Without any manual marking Nozzle and holes opening are cut and beveled. The entire edge of the Dish end is beveled using unique contour mapping RoboSwift software which compensates for the ovality of the dish end.  
Beveling : Beveling on Plate, I Beam, Channel, Angle, Dish end & Pipe is possible with RoboPalzma.
Complex 3D Geometries :
Complex 3D Geometries such as, Mouse hole, Rat hole, J Allen complex miter on tube, Brach profile on pipe can be easily processed with same RoboPlazma™ system.
3D Sheet Metal Component:  0.5mm to 3mm sheet metal 3D component cutting now with laser like cutting is possible at fraction of the operating  and capital cost of a laser.
Casting Cutting: In foundry, runners & risers cutting, Investment castings cutting is now possible with RoboPlazma™.
RoboPlazma™ is a single system in the World that replaces almost 7 to 8 different traditional machineries used in fabrication industry giving following benefits.
  1. Minimize Operator involvement.
  2. Minimize labor dependency.
  3. Flexibility to adopt multiple jobs.
  4. Increase productivity.
  5. Reduce operating cost.
  6. Scalable as your business grows.
  7. Minimize material handling in shop.
  8. Saving shop floor space.
  9. 24 x 7 working capability.