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Aerospace & Defense Industry

Aerospace & Defence Industry: 


Aerospace & Defense industries are an important  industry sectors across the globe which is changing rapidly  to cope up with advance challenges and its requirements. Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry professionals have demonstrated insight extending to aerospace, commercial aircraft, business and general aviation, and defense.

Key issues affecting Aerospace & Defense companies.
Growth and innovation: A&D companies continue to focus on organic growth, expanding global markets, and growing the top line in a more constrained spending environment such as growth through M&A consolidation of tier-one and tier-two suppliers.
Talent management: Despite layoffs to reduce costs, A&D organizations are still in dire need of science, technology, machinist, and engineering talent to continue to support future growth. Attracting and retaining critical talent is increasingly viewed as a top strategic issue by C-suite executives, boards of directors, and senior human resources executives.
How does RoboPlazma™ System helps Aerospace & Defense Industry?
RoboPlazma™ is a single machine such capable of cutting, beveling, coping, notching, slotting, holes, marking complex 3D geometries cutting and welding with many more different requirements. The major cutting applications in Aerospace & Defense Industry are as follows,
  • 2D and 3D cutting capability 
  • All metal can be cut preciously 
  • Cutting & beveling in single set 
  • Minimize material handing
  • Material – SS /MS/ Margin Steel
  • Thickness – Min 3 mm Max – 20 mm
  • Shell -  both end Beveling with root.
  • Plate Cutting & Beveling with root. 
  • Dish end Cutting & Beveling with root
  • Nozzle Opening 
  • Doom Cutting & Beveling with root
  • Crown Cutting & Beveling with root
  • Weld Line Marking
  • Measurement & QC of Jobs 
  • Accuracy is be maintain as per drawings
  • For HAZ removal grinding will be done up to 1 mm